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Innovation as the source and integrity as the basis

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Our core concept - "integrity-based, development and innovation, stability and efficiency, excellence"
Our values system -- supported by two branches of "enterprise values" and "employee values"
Enterprise values
Based on innovation and integrity:
The main value of enterprises lies in meeting the needs of consumers and creating greater wealth for the society. Honest management is the foundation of an enterprise. Only honest management can stabilize the consumer market, realize the value of the enterprise and create greater social benefits. Especially in today's fierce market competition, honesty and trustworthiness is the most important thing for an enterprise to establish a long-term development base industry.
Humanism oriented:
Employees are valuable assets of an enterprise. People-oriented and humanistic care can improve the cohesion and centripetal force of employees. The concern for employees is mainly reflected in the working environment and living details. The company shall strive to create a good working atmosphere and create a warm environment through the details of the environment so that employees can work in a comfortable mood. On the other hand, the ability building and development of employees can not be ignored. We should try our best to provide learning opportunities for employees, provide a platform to show their talents, improve their sense of ownership, and enrich the cultural connotation of the enterprise.
Focus on Social Responsibility:
The pursuit of profit is not the company's main motivation or primary goal. Shouldering the responsibility to the society and contributing to the national economy is the driving force of the company's development. In this process, the realization of our own lofty life value is the permanent motivation for our entrepreneurial team members to strive hard. In addition to paying taxes according to law, our company will also be committed to environmental protection, social welfare and so on. Enterprises come from the society, and they should return to the society while serving the society.

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